Seerfar Features

Elevate Your Sales Potential with Our Feature Set


Product Research

  • Fill in your product selection ideas or use our preset ideas for quick searching, and we will show you detailed sales statistics for a specific product.
  • Click on sales, price or revenue to see 30 - 90 days trends in chart at a glance.

Market Research

  • Based on keyword search volumes and keyword search change, we help you understand buyers’ demand and market trends.
  • Check search trend graphs to understand historical search trends, allowing you to prepare your product inventory in advance for sales peaks.
  • View TOP 10/ TOP 50% brands and products and their proportion of revenue to get to know about the intensity of competition in this market.

Browser Extension

  • Download the free extension and browse on Ozon, you could view the data of all the products in the current page without entering the product detailed page.
  • Access competitor’s sales trends, revenue, profits and reviews more directly with infocards and charts.

Keyword Optimization

  • Enter the Ozon IDs of your competitors to dig out their traffic-driving keywords.
  • Enter keywords of your product to discover the relevant keywords and expand your product keyword list.
  • Analyze your keyword list, optimize your product card titles and description to improve exposure and increase sales.

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